Get Your Hustle On!(You can do it all!)


(You can do it all)



Many of us sit in a dead end jobs or even a jobs we hate working or barely working each day, year after year to make ends meet or barely at that. Then life passes us by and before we know it, we feel underachieved and drained with nothing to show for it. It has been my dreams for years to be the best me, whatever that looked like. I really had a struggle, to finally understand that it wasn’t the destination really, that would make it the best me. It was the process, the journey, the moments, how I made those affect me or how I enjoyed them. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in fear.

We fear failure, we fear not being good enough, we fear criticism, we fear people, we fear the possibility of growth, we fear so many things. However, I can tell you that it is only when you make your vision/plans for your life clear(like writing them down on a piece of paper) that your fears become irrelevant. Miracles still happen today but we have to go through the fire and grow through it, to experience such great things. The idea of the fire is to come out pure gold, PLEASE! let the fire do its work!( my mind food speaker and author gave me that one, hey girl hey!). Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because we don’t feel like we are ready yet, learn to trust the timing and process of your life. I had no choice but to ” boss up” and create a lane for myself in this world. I had to dig deep, ignore the naysayers and push through for my daughter and family. I have gotten so determine to spot the beauties of my life and let them shine through.

So now, each morning I grab my coffee in one hand and my confidence in the other and SHINE ON!  It was such a blessing when my career and passion came together.  Let me introduce myself.:

Hi, I’m  Joel Heron


  • Graduate with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration and certification in Freelancing  

  • A mother to an energetic, spicy, intelligent beyond her years and beautiful 2-year-old girl( My why).

  • A Partner to a pain in my neck yet sweet, handsome fellow (he knows its true)

  • A corporate worker with a 9-5 job (that irks me daily but bills have to pay)

  • A Freelancer ⇐(Follow our Instagram)who is a blogger, builds website, does transcriptions and much more(Jill of all trade)

  • Founder of⇐(Check us out and subscribe!), an online store that serves in assisting other businesses to shine (spot their beauty) in admin support, website design graphics, animation and more

It’s my pleasure to get to know you and  maybe serve you as well one day (HA!) 


Here are some quotes to motivate and inspire, improve and change your mindset:

  • Get your hustle on! You can do it all. Don’t wait

  • Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.  

  • Don’t try to make a fast move, make the correct moves and don’t waste time.

  • Be somebody, nobody thought you could be

  • People who aren’t used to quality, chase quantity. 

  • Provide quality, you won’t have to chase quantity.

  • Everyone has a bad day, some days I’m holding my phone and looking for it.

  • When you are building brands and businesses, you will always be busy(Live big later)

  • Learn to ignore ignorance, neglect negativity and disregards disrespect  to be ready for your best life

  • Always remember, you are not as good as they say you are nor as bad as they say you are, you are who you are and that is fine

  • If you live for the praises, you will die by the criticism 

  • Finally, success isn’t for the weak, so build up your self and live in your truth

Be motivated today to be great, to live your best life. Be you, Do you, For you because only you have to live with you all your life. Know that the best is yet to come once you start building your dreams. Be a savage about how you live that life, be fixed of the dreams, flexible on the method.  We don’t have to all be entrepreneurs but intentionally chose what part of the tree you are. The roots or the leafs, you either will nourish or utilize the nourishment. Choose wisely! the world is waiting on your contribution(had to use this analogy from a friend, I think it speaks volume)


I would love for you to introduce yourself, place your website link and state what you think/wish your contribution would/is to the world.






    1. Most people do fear that, but what I have learn is the faster you fail, if you do that is…it it’s the quicker to learn and get to move faster ahead with better knowledge and experience and that may just be your upper hand card! 👍


  1. My name is Melanie and my blog is I work full time at a crappy dead end job and often feel like I’m not contributing much to the world. Your post definitely resonates with me. But I love to blog about things that I feel are helpful to others, so this makes me feel a little better about life in general 🙂

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    1. Hi Melanie. I’m glad you are able to get that emotion out and turn it into something great, while helping other and in turn helping yourself to feel better. I know the dead end job can be stressful. I love good freebies, let come see and enjoy your freebies. 😊

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  2. Hi Joe im here feeling out of place myself spending all my years in a job taking me no where because of fair. I love ur passion girl.
    wish i can find it in myself to just let go.

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    1. Thanks you! Letting go can be a process. I still haven’t let go off my 9-5. It’s like a safety net until I’m truly at a place I know,I won’t need it anymore. That is how we have to start and take it a day at a time, let the fire mold us and get us ready! Most entrepreneurs start building and planning their business, esp the first three years around the desk of a 9-5. So take the time to build and then let go!


  3. GO Girl, you will go far with that think! That’s how I have been getting through and I have done along way from where I started. Thanks for your comment 😊


    1. Glad I could do that for you. I know those post makes the battle with negativity on some day easier to bare. You are welcome, thank for reading😊


  4. Totally agree with you. Loved your post. I believe failure is a just a part to the way to success. And one need not to be afraid of it. All you need is to push your limits stay strong mentally and you’re there. Great read.

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  5. My names is Lavanda Michelle from Cary, North Carolina. I’m a LifeStyle Blogger. I have been journaling for 17+ years. My blog is I can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest & Facebook as @LavandaMichelle

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  6. Thank you for the motivation. I’m feeling far more fulfilled professionally since I started actively pursuing my dreams of writing by blogging and freelancing.

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    1. You are so welcome and that is so true. I hope you keep pushing even harder on those day, my best work comes from days like those.


  7. Hi, I’m Lyka. A writer for a magazine publishing company. It really sucks how uninspired I can get sometimes. I’m always distressed and there are times when I feel like I’m on the verge of depression. But hey, like you said, we have bills to pay. This is just my first year and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me.

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    1. Hi Lyka, that’s nice, small mercies. I know how that can get, trust life is a rollercoaster. We have to ride it out most days and grow through what we go through. Sorry about the delay in reply.


    1. I’m hardly positive, I be talking to myself while sharing my thoughts. It’s a struggle but I take one step at a time and be grateful for small mercies.


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