Rare Knack For Honesty…

Rare Knack For Honesty…

A look at raw openness


Maybe I should kill my inhibition?!

Maybe I would be prefect in a new dimension?!

Maybe I should pray a little harder?! -Sza

I watched an interview the other day, and it blew my mind. No it wasn’t about Donald Trump, although he blows mind daily and may just need to blow other things in my book to keep that mouth of his shut!(I digress, let me not get banned). This particular interview was of no important nature or knowledge (well  maybe in some peoples eye) However for me it spoke volume, funny enough mostly not of words(those did as well). It was weird, even weirder that I’m writing this, for when I first saw the individual, I was unaware that her soul would be this unique and her music would actually be what it was and capture me. Her performance on the Bet awards, was my first interaction, and to me it was nothing to write home about (So I thought). I am the type to never jump the bandwagon, and I purposely  try not to choose things that others hype up (I’m that girl). This interview made me believe the hype, not the hype of her songs but the hype of this young black queen, just living and naturally being herself, no industry gimmicks, no need to be politically correct to suit a image.

It was so breath taking… to see someone be a completely beautiful mess with her honesty, yet confidently own that shit! “I be wild-ing out but you love that shit”.


SZA blew my mind! She made a comment while explaining the song weekend, that most men don’t tell a woman that she isn’t the only one; which was followed by the respond ” that’s how you get in trouble, you tell them from the start (I got a whole concept on that but that’s for later). In return she said you have a rare knack for honest, those word I have come to now understand what she meant.  She was a woman after my own heart, then as they went  through her album and she so eloquently explain their meaning, I fell in love (no homo). Like her, music was a way for me to deal with things, I soberly wouldn’t (weird I know) and as such it’s through music I buried a lot of my societal learned behavior and where I grew my mind.


She felt so relatable, yet so unreal, so honest, so pure in language.  This type of mannerism is so rare and the need to be perfect or like everyone else has somehow change the meaning of different. Now, different is looking like everybody, different is being trendy, being the first to  cop, know and be about this. Different use to mean, being true to self, whatever that looked like and felt like to you, your own little crazed quirks. Now, we break under pressure, trying to please people and calling it being different. I wish we could go back to the time when it was cool to have honest moments. It was cool to go through phrases and not worry if a meme is going to pop up about you or  people where going to be judgmental. I wish we could go back to  days when you  and your friends had silly moment of going into restaurant, realizing it’s too expensive, and dip out laughing like where was our cheap, no money having ass going though? Ha.


I still have a few people I can count on to have those raw honest moments with and  the honesty that fill those conversation, true honesty  like those are too beautiful to put into words. I fall in love with people and their honest moments all the time.


Perfection is a disease, when will we start to fall back in love with our faults, knowing that it’s what makes us unique, makes us human. Such openness can be freeing and a pain all at once but worth it. Worth it to see how woke you become, how deeper you understand self and life as it happens to you, around you and to others.


Let me start, I’m a mess, I low-key obsess about everything but come off to others as confident, I’m shy but crazy to people close to me. I struggle with depression. I’m the friend that won’t speak to you much but  let you be in a jam, it’s the quickest you hear from me.  I’m the person that will act like we’ve been in contact all along and pick up right where we left off, if I see you in the street(even though its been years we haven’t spoken).  I’m also social awkward. I hate talking and love my own company, unless it’s the boo, then I’m annoying AF. I will not kiss the boo in bed, when I just wake up(morning sex means no kissing)  but kiss me anyway so I know its real type shit. I’m a poet freak that has never been to a poetry read because I  low-key don’t really know if I’d really like it that much..


Tell me a few of your honest moments or personalities. What are the honest moment you appreciate the most. Thank you for the inspiration, Your rawness is a whole vibe. I will now go play all ya songs.

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    1. Nice, it took some time to identify, and it took even longer to accept and admit but there is such a freedom when you do. My fav is Drew Barry more, but really the whole album is fire! Thank you for your comment.


  1. I love SZA and there is so much to learn about how that so many young girls can relate to! Love that you broke down this interview. I completely agree that perfection is a disease, I am a former perfectionist lol and you’re right, the peace, freedom and joy that comes from breaking free from that is incomparable!

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    1. So true, I love how you said that, former perfectionist, me too , plus I’m a Virgo so its a daily struggle still. Thank you for reading and getting where I was coming from.

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    1. Thank you, trust it didn’t come overnight, it’s a process, life has been a process for me and after a while I just understood that you have to live within the moments and be that raw about them to truly enjoy the moments of this here life.

      I’m glad you push yourself to do that just now, didn’t it feel good, funny, scary and all at once. Some times that’s just what we need though it suck, so you keep pushing and not stay down. Own what it is and keep it moving!


  2. I didn’t now who SZA was until the BET Awards this year and I love her. I’m a perfectionist and when things don’t go as planned, my whole mood changes. I’m working on letting go lol.

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    1. Me too. I remembering being like who performing now? Where she come from and I hated the performance but now her songs are on replay🤣🤣 . Let it go, let it go in my best Elsa voice!! 😊


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